Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Last year was spent denying that I'm in my "thirties". This year, I have resigned myself to admit that I'm turning 31 soon *near faints* and there's no stopping this aging thing. Truthfully, it doesn't feel all that different. Some days I feel like I'm 13, some days I feel like I'm 83, just like it's always been. Right now, I feel more like 83 and I'm going to all grandma on y'all and tell you that being in my thirties is pretty great.

Through the years, life has taught me to know myself better. At this point in my life, I (mostly) know what I want and don't want, I speak my mind more and yet acknowledge that sometimes I need to hold back, I also know that brown can go with black on some occasions, that mauve is a color, and that the sky is not white (I'm not what you'd call a fast learner). While I'm not claiming to know EVERYTHING there is to know, I do know a lot more things than I did ten years ago and I hope to learn more as I go along.

Speaking of knowing things, I know what I want for my birthday this year and thought to let you lovely people know. Just because I can. *bats eyelashes*

Friday, July 26, 2013

Word of the Day: CHU CHI

Let me start by saying that at work, I sit in a high traffic cubicle. It's a good thing sometimes; a bad thing other times; but always it is a gold mine for accidentally overhearing interesting conversations.
Some conversations leave me like this.
 A couple of days ago, this exchange in particular had me rolling in mirth inwardly. It took all the self control I had to not laugh like a loon in my seat. I'll let you in on the fun and tell you the guys the story. I'll be changing parts of the conversation to maintain some sort of anonymity for the involved parties.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear Ninongs and Ninangs

There's only 74 days, 2 hours, and 37 minutes until it's the ha-happiest time of the year. Less than a hundred days left until wee little godchildren cash in on being cute. I keed! I love Christmas! Children too, sort of.

To my ninangs and ninangs, and to those who are pure of heart and kind of soul who would gift me this year, although I'm no longer wee nor little nor cute, I would like to tell you about that one thing on my wishlist this year. This Christmas, I would really, really, really love to get a letter opener.

Why? Because this-
Look at those mocking little uneven flaps
From the moment I started getting snail mail, I've opened them exactly the same way. They all end up like that poor little thing in the photo and I'm tired of the sorry sight. Next year, I hope to have neatly opened envelopes sliced open cleanly by a nice little letter opener. Save the envelopes and gift me one, please? That's all I want.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lust and Gas

For one reason or another, I've been suffering from a bad case of GAS lately (..no, I don't have the farts). G.A.S, or gear acquisition syndrome is an unfortunate malady that affects geeks of all ages, shapes and sizes wherein the afflicted geek has an inclination to spend his monthly rent on a gadget or two of choice.

For the past couple of days, I have been lusting over several gadgets that would render my credit card useless for a good few months. Because of GAS, they're now more of a need rather than a want. I feel like I'd explode like Harry's Aunt Marge if I don't get at least one of these gadgets soon.

NEED/WANT #1- Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 3G + WiFi

Ain't it purdy?

This is absolutely a thing of beauty, isn't it? I've been lusting over this for the longest time. In fact, as soon as it was anounced early this year, I knew would get it. I love iOS for it's simplicity and class but Android has claimed my heart for its customizability and flexibility. Add the fact that this is the slimmest tablet to date and I'm good as sold.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Connecting the Dots

It has come to my attention that I have enough moles to make it interesting enough for a 3-year old to play a game of connect the dots on my face. My facial moles have never bothered me before until lately, when I started noticing that they seem to be getting bigger as I age. I didn't even think it was possible, I thought moles stayed the same all throughout your life.

Do moles really grow bigger? The boyfriend's theory is that they do. He says- "You don't see young people with wart-like moles, do you?" Fair point.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Words Mean Nothing and Everything

The "new" technology called eInk has gotten old pretty fast. For those of you who don't know what it is, Google can help. The simplest (and most likely the most inaccurate) way to explain it to someone who hasn't heard of it before would be to compare it to an old calculator. eInk technology basically displays black text on a screen, not ulike your old Game & Watch, but better.

One might say that that's not new at all, and neither is it interesting. But displaying black text isn't all there is to it. The beauty of the eInk technology lies in the fact that it displays text without the glare from the usual LCDs. Reading off a backlit screen is strenuous to the eyes if done for long periods of time, I can't sit through ebooks hundreds of pages long for more than an hour.
Liek magick! (photo from here)
This is where the E Ink technology comes in to play. Without the glare from an LCD, the digital text displayed on an E Ink screen looks almost like it's printed on paper that can change in an instant, almost like magic!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Overwhelmed: A 'Me' Post

Once again, I'm engulfed by a huge wave of sadness. These waves come and go, like it does for everyone, but in the meantime, the big waves crash into me like I'm the shore and everyday's a full moon. I honestly didn't think it'd be this difficult to be away from home.

Overwhelmed is the best word to describe what I'm feeling. On top of the list of why I'm feeling like this is the language barrier. French, while a beautiful language, is terribly difficult to learn or even be familiar with. Being completely and utterly lost in a sea of indiscernable talk makes me feel isolated from everything and everyone. The introvert in me is inclined to curl up in the darkest corner of the shell, if only to find a little bit of comfort within myself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stupid Things That Men Do, Part 2: The Ex Files

Hi! It's been more than a year since our first  post on this series, but that doesn't necessarily mean that men have straightened themselves out. They're all still out there, doing stupid things.

Exes can be a sore topic in a relationship. It's a tricky thing, talking about exes. Men aren't the most sensitive people on earth, in fact, they can be stupid about things like this. Today, this will be more for the men, we'll talk about exes and what NOT to say about them.

No-no Number 1: Never, in any given situation, tell your girlfriend that your ex is better, in any way.

Girlfriend: What was your ex like? Be honest.
Boyfriend: She was pretty, probably the prettiest girlfriend I've had.
Girlfriend: Oh. (pause)
Boyfriend: I mean, until you came along! That's what I meant! No, really! I promise!