Friday, July 26, 2013

Word of the Day: CHU CHI

Let me start by saying that at work, I sit in a high traffic cubicle. It's a good thing sometimes; a bad thing other times; but always it is a gold mine for accidentally overhearing interesting conversations.
Some conversations leave me like this.
 A couple of days ago, this exchange in particular had me rolling in mirth inwardly. It took all the self control I had to not laugh like a loon in my seat. I'll let you in on the fun and tell you the guys the story. I'll be changing parts of the conversation to maintain some sort of anonymity for the involved parties.


Pair #1 included a Filipino girl (FG) and a Caucasian male (CM).
Part #2 included two Filipino males (FM1 and FM2).


Pair #1 strolls in from the door to the left, coming back from a midday break outside, all smiles at each other. The Filipino girl is teaching the Caucasian male some Filipino sentences.

CM (in broken Filipino): "What is it? Maramin salamat? Is that right?"
FG: "No, it's Maraming salamat."
CM: "Maraming salamat."
FG: "Great!"

Meanwhile, from the other side comes Pair #2, two Filipino males are on their way out for a cigarette break. The pass by the Pair #1, who are deep in conversation about the Filipino language. As soon as Pair #2 were out of earshot, this conversation happened.

FM1 (gesturing towards the other pair): "Pare, chu chi."
FM2: "Ha anong chu chi?"
FM1: "Chu chi - Chumachambang chimay."
FM2: "Hahahaha! Bago 'yan ha. Chu chi."

Raucous laughter ensues as Pair #2 heads out the door.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the word of the day.

chuchi (noun) - short for "Chumachambang Chimay"; a plain looking female who got lucky by chance.
Root words: tsamba, chimay.

tsamba (noun) - a score or hit by chance.
chimay (noun) - family maid; also used to describe a plain looking female.

And these are the things I learn at work.

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