Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Last year was spent denying that I'm in my "thirties". This year, I have resigned myself to admit that I'm turning 31 soon *near faints* and there's no stopping this aging thing. Truthfully, it doesn't feel all that different. Some days I feel like I'm 13, some days I feel like I'm 83, just like it's always been. Right now, I feel more like 83 and I'm going to all grandma on y'all and tell you that being in my thirties is pretty great.

Through the years, life has taught me to know myself better. At this point in my life, I (mostly) know what I want and don't want, I speak my mind more and yet acknowledge that sometimes I need to hold back, I also know that brown can go with black on some occasions, that mauve is a color, and that the sky is not white (I'm not what you'd call a fast learner). While I'm not claiming to know EVERYTHING there is to know, I do know a lot more things than I did ten years ago and I hope to learn more as I go along.

Speaking of knowing things, I know what I want for my birthday this year and thought to let you lovely people know. Just because I can. *bats eyelashes*

First up on this year's list is a 64GB flash drive (32GB wouldn't suck either).

They only go for two grand in good old TipidPC. I lost this exact same one within last year (totally not related to being an oldie). I sadly shuffle between two borrowed flash drives- one is 8GB, the other is 2GB. I use them for media files and have to constantly delete stuff I want to keep. Have mercy.

I could also user a Crumpler Pleasure Dome Medium in purple (or blue).

This little Crumpler bag has enough room for my current camera's bulkier-than-a-regular-POS lens to fit comfortably together with a few camera-related items. It only costs p1,650 in Crumpler stores, not bad considering the only other Crumpler bag I owned cost me thrice that (went broke and sold it shortly thereafter). It is also important to let you know that my camera is currently housed in a make-up kit.

Although it's more want than need, it would be great if I get a copy of The Walking Dead Compendium One (and/or Two if you're generous) in hardcover.

Since the advent of e-books eons ago, I've slowed down on buying hardcopies of books. I only get those that I really, really like when I can afford it. The Walking Dead Compendium One and Two are very high up on that books-to-get list but I haven't gotten around to getting them. This drama comics series would be a welcome addition to my sad and near empty bookshelves. Also, it's high time that the creators earn something from me (well, from the possible gifter if we're being technical about it).

No matter how old I get, I'd always want and need hair elastics (preferrably the metal free ones).

If you're a girl who has medium to long hair, no matter how young you are, you'd know that these are always needed. No matter how many I buy, I always seem to run out of them. It's baffling how you have a hundred of them one day and not a single one the next. I'm inclined to believe that there are hair elastic ghost thieves out there.

If you're on a budget but want to give me something on my birthday, know that I also accept hugs and kisses. 

No one can have too many of these. If you make coupons with length and duration specifications, be forewarned that I will cash in on those.

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