Friday, September 24, 2010

Puppy Love

Just last week, a nine-week old baby Shih Tzu doggie became the cutest member of my household. On his first day in his new home, the puppy was timid, shy, and overly scared of loud noises- he cried out and hid in shadowy corners when he heard a louder-than-your-normal-speaking-voice noise.
Shy little puppy
By nighttime, he was less scared and started to sniff around and play with Moo, his stuffed cow. The little bugger kept me up all night by trying to jump on the bed, whining for attention, and having little puppy accidents all over the place.

"I win this round, Mr. Moo!" -baby Bugsy
I wanted to call him Teddy the first night because he looked like a cute little teddy bear when he was sitting down. But on his second day, he overcame his shyness and became the little rascal that he truly is. By morning he was running around his play area, gobbling up his food down to the last kibble, enjoying getting his tummy rubbed (I found his ticklish spot!), and playfully nipping toes (I'm still trying to make him learn that this particular game isn't cute).

Bugsy likes his new name
Since then, the little bugger has been christened with the (fitting) name Bugsy- a name he seems to like as well. The second night was much better for little Bugsy and me. Although he had a couple of weewee accidents, they were understandable because he's only nine weeks old (puppies of that age can only hold their pee in for about 2 hours or so) and had just spent two days in his new home. What's amazing was that he slept through the night and pooped outside the following morning.
Bugsy is a curious little doggie
Now, he's like an energetic two-year-old human baby. He's teething (he has only eight teeth) and likes chewing on toy bones and his teether toys (although his favorite "toy" to massage his gums with are my favorite pink slippers -_-). He's also currently practicing to pounce, leaping as high as he can to land on top of his chosen toy (usually Moo, the stuffed cow).
No more weewee accidonts by the third night!
Three days in, he has learned to pee on his doggie pad (which is actually an adult diaper pad) and has almost learned that pooping should be done outside and outside only. He just had one poopy-related accident since the first night (this is a feat because the pup poops six times a day)!
Bugsy, I wish you had met Brandy
We're going to see the vet this weekend for Bugsy's third round of vaccines and I hope things go well. I get worried because I've been researching pet care online and have read too many horror stories of little puppies getting very sick and not making it (the Internet is evil for things like this). In the meantime, Bugsy is a bouncing ball of furry fluff that has taken possession of my heart (and my favorite pink slippers -_-). <3


GirlOpinion said...

That was so adorable. I have a growing affection with dogs and I can really relate to what you are feeling. I hope you will take good care of him.

abumelt said...

Thanks and I will! :)