Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Early Worm Gets Eaten By The Bird

As expected, having a new puppy in the house has made me change my daily routine. My day now starts 2-3 hours earlier than it used to.

My schedule before Bugsy went like this:
08:00am - Wake up and lounge around
08:30am - Eat breakfast
09:00am - Get sucked into the vortex that is the Internet
10:30am - Get ready for work
11:00am-8:00pm - Work
09:00pm - Eat dinner
10:00pm - Get sucked into the vortex that is the Internet

These days, because Bugsy the pup wakes up at about five in the morning, he needs to be let out to do his poopie puppy business by 6am. Yes, 6 frickin' am. (Dear Reader, I haven't been up that early since that one semester in college when I had a 7am class. And that was seven years ago.)

My schedule now:
06:00am - Wake up and bring Bugsy out to do his morning business
06:30am - Give Bugsy breakfast/Eat breakfast
07:30am - Play with Bugsy/Bugsy's towel bath
08:30am - Get ready for work
09:30am-07:00pm - Work
08:00pm - Give Bugsy dinner/Eat dinner
09:00pm - Bring Bugsy out to do his evening business
09:30pm - Play with Bugsy/Bugsy's towel bath
10:00pm - Get sucked into the vortex that is the Internet

The first couple of times, I tried to sleep in for another hour to see if he could hold it in just a tiny bit longer. Having a bladder that is possibly smaller than my pinky finger, the little pup couldn't. Bugsy had a 'nice' little accident on the floor right by the entrance to my room.

Since then, I've forced myself to get up and bring him out right when I wake up. Surprisingly, the earlier schedule isn't as bad as I initially thought it was. I've gotten used to the earlier schedule and I'm starting to like getting things done earlier than usual. Although this lively little ball of fur wakes me up at ungodly hours of the morning and keeps me up late at night, I still think he's nothing short of adorable. <3
Bugsy at 11 weeks


alvin, kid repetitive said...

I've been waking up really early the past week too... Wala naman akong tuta. Dammit.

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