Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Story of Bo

Hi, my name is Bo and I'm a stray.

To make it through the day, I beg for scraps from strangers and some of them take pity on me. I get a lot of hard stares and angry shouts for doing this, people usually shoo me away when they see me coming, the mean ones kick me or throw small objects at me so I get scared and scramble out of the way. Sometimes I have to sleep without eating for an entire day, but that's okay. Someone would eventually throw food at me or I can always rummage for leftovers in the trash bins.

I don't have place to stay. Every night, I find a safe and warm spot for me to sleep in. I have to find a spot hidden enough so I wouldn't be seen by those mean kids, not again. Not after the last time when they put me inside a sack, tied it and threw it in a dumpster. Good thing I was able to chew my way out, I ran away as fast as my little paws would carry me. It turned out okay because I was led to a much nicer neighborhood after it.

I don't have a human to call my own. Sometimes, I meet nice people who give me some food and water and play with me for a little while. I wag my tail at them, hoping that maybe one of them would like me enough to bring me home and I can stop being wary of the things around me, it gets scary sometimes.

Oh, I'd be so happy when that happens! I'd play with my human all day and I'll walk beside him everywhere he goes! I'd lick his face joyfully and wag my tail as hard as I can every time he comes home. It sounds fun! He would scratch my ears, rub my belly, and laugh whenever I get wriggly and excited! And at night, I'd cuddle up to him, I bet it'd be all warm and cozy.

No, it hasn't happened yet, but maybe one day, someday it will.


Bim said...

Now I wanna go back and adopt Bo. :(

Lizz said...

Sniffle sniffle. When I was a kid I used to adopt stray cats all the time, and mom would always make me set them loose after feeding them once cuz my dad was allergic.

I miss my strays.

abumelt said...

There should be a better system in this country for stray animals. :(

Someday, I'll grow up to be the crazy dog lady because I shall adopt all puppies like Bo.