Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shopping is the key to world peace

"When I shop the world gets better, the world is better; and then it's not anymore and I have to do it again." -Rebecca Bloomwood, Confessions of a Shopaholic

At this, I am supposed to go: "Awww, shush now honey, it happens to the best of us. I'll help you." But no. Becky isn't exactly a person I can relate to or even sympathize with. She shops with such reckless abandon that to me, it fails to come off as endearing. What I want to say to her is: "You fucked up. Man up, lady."

Sorry, but I just can't imagine ever condoning someone, no matter how cute (she is pretty darn), who's always buried neck deep in debt for shopping too much. That is just crazy (yes, I'm a square).

But by golly, it works.

Last weekend, I was in the mood for some retail therapy so I set out bright and early to get things started. After a few hours, a lot of fitting and credit card abuse, I ended up with 2 lovely leather bags, a good pair of linen pants, a nice pair of jean leggings, light blue shorts, black shorts, a couple of cute shirts, and a bright pink yoga mat. (Please don't judge me.) Oh and an extra battery and a soft case for my camera.

Becky is quite right. The world gets better, the world IS better, after a day of shopping. :P


The Lady Programmer said...
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Lei said...

Haha! Nagshopping ka din pala! We both did our shopping last week. And yes, it really feels good. If only we don't run out of funds :P

Glamarazzi said...

I had my boyfriend buy me a pair of yellow Fila shoes. Now I think it doesn't match all of my workout outfits. We don't judge heheh.