Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nope, I'm not what you think I am.

Time for a new entry. Why? It's the last day of the (not-so) long weekend and I'm not quite ready to think of the workweek up ahead. I thought of finding people to talk to/with, but I decided against it eventually. Instead of chatting with strangers, I figure this is a better way to spend the hour. Yes, spilling my guts out to the vast world of the intarwebz.

Some people seem to think that I'm rolling in money. It annoys me because I know that I'm definitely not rich, I make the same amount of money as anyone from the same age bracket does. It frustrates me, when anyone insists that I am rich, because all factors considered, I probably earn less than your average Joe, because I shifted careers very recently. In other words, I had to start from scratch again and had to take a pay cut (and I still wonder, from time to time, if I did the right thing). So anyway, I asked a few people why they think what they think about me, and here's what I came up with.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why People Think I Don't Have Money Problems.

1. Having studied at DLSU.

The school seems to have a reputation of breeding no-good, dumb-ass, and bratty rich kids whose parents can afford to burn money as if it grew on trees. This stereotype isn't quite fair, in my opinon. I have met many sensible, polite, and smart kids who came from this school. They had the best Information Technology curriculum (or at least, one of the better ones) in my time. Also, tuition was high, but my parents bought one of those college assurance plans and all they had to pay for while I was college was my allowance, my school books, and other minor miscellaneous expenses.

2. Using a car to work.

Sure, I use a car, but only because commuting from my house to work is a hassle and is pretty expensive too. I drive a second hand, 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer bought from a family friend at a very good price. It's a pretty nice car, and I have no complaints with it, but it's not mine because I didn't pay for it, my mom did (with money that she worked for), because I don't have that kind of dough on me. I pay for gasoline, toll and parking fees though, which amounts to around p250 per day, or at least p5000 per month, and that's assuming I don't go out on weekends. The maintenance and running expenses eats up a big chunk of my salary too.

3. Travelling to different countries.

Okay, I like experiencing different cultures, eating their food, seeing their traditions, buying their stuff, also getting a break from the monotony of daily life. Travelling is one of those things I'd shell out good, hard-earned money for. I don't necessarily spend beyond my means on these trips, they come few and far in between, and are considered as treats to myself.

Also, I was a bum for half of last year, I dipped so far into my savings that I don't have one anymore. Now I'm trying to pay up my debts little by little and at the same time spend for my daily living expenses, all on a salary just a bit above minimum wage. Just like you and the rest of the world (who isn't Paris Hilton), I have bills that need to be paid and debts that catch up on me.

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