Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oi, it's May.

Today's the first day of May and it being a holiday, I've stayed in my bed far longer than what's usual, it (my bed) hasn't had this much sleep action since I stopped being a bum sometime last year. I actually woke up early because of a phone call (it was a wrong number), got up to prepare my breakfast (by "prepare" I meant, getting the food and arranging them on a plate) and brought it back to bed and ate it there.. here, I mean. Yep, I'm still horizontal while writing this post.

I wanted to sleep some more but apparently, there's only so much sleep time one's body can take, and I've reached the limit. So, here I am, cluttering up my journal for lack of better things to do in bed. I don't have anything important to say, really, but I'm in bed and my brain is refusing to tell its bodily functions to.. um.. function.

Yea, I get easily distracted, YM is keeping me distracted for the meantime. So let me end this bleh post with a general wish that this holiday will turn out to be a good one for all of us. *salutes*

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