Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keeping the ball rolling.

I wonder how long I can keep this up, I've never been this active in a blog since.. well, since ever.

Random thoughts of today.


What brings two strangers together? It's not easy to strike up a conversation with a random, you'd be hard pressed to find at least one common ground to be memorable. And we use a fallback when we can't find any, we ask about the weather. I wonder why it's used as a generic conversation starter when it's not all that interesting.

Weird weather we're having. It's late March, I was all set to gripe about the heat and the humidity all month long. My brain has been programmed since birth, to think that this month is supposed to be all about the sun and the sand. Today though, started like your typical March summer day, the sun was high, the air was thick, and things were normal. That is, until late afternoon when the heavy rains started and kept on going until long past bedtime.

I rarely hear the word peculiar these days. Actually, I don't think I've heard it being used often, ever. It's one of those words that you neglect to use, just because there are other words that mean the same thing, but are easier to the ears. It has such a nice ring to it though, that word.

I've set out to add tags on all my old posts, because I haven't used those before, and if I'm going to blog more than once a month, I have to try to keep things a bit more organized. I didn't realize that it would be such a chore. I've added this now to that long list of things that I do not enjoy doing. Like staring at fish eyes when they're cooked and served on a platter.

After the freak downpour, the world suddenly smelled like fish. I'm not even kidding, it does, it really does! I used to like the way the earth smelled after the rain, now I'm seriously considerinig taking that statement back.

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