Thursday, March 26, 2009

A pup and her fish

I'd hate to break the streak, but I really don't have an interesting story to tell. So, in order to have an entry today, I decided to do a picture post.


This right here is my adorable puppy, who goes by the name Brandy.


She's actually not a puppy anymore, she's already 2 something years old, but I still like calling her Puppy. She's not too smart, so she probably thinks that's her name, because I call her that more than her actual name. Earlier this year, two of my older dogs passed away, and being the only pet in the house, she's been the spoiled little baby brat since. She gets whatever she wants now, she can poop and piss on the carpet and we'd love her all the same. (and she does abuse this benefit)

What's curious about this adult pup, is that she likes watching the fish swim. Yup, she comes out of the cage all excited, tail wagging furiously, tongue hanging out cheerfully, eyes bright and perky. Shortly after, she makes her way towards the fish. She trots happily, looking all over for her fish.

And when she finds them, she greets the goldfish with a happy chirp, and her world stops in front of the aquarium.

She stays put, her head moving from side to side, following the fish crossing the length of the aquarium. Other times, she jumps up and leans on the aquarium wall to get a closer look at the fishies. The fish seem to be enjoying the attention as well, they put on a show for her, swim from end to end repeatedly, but maybe that's because they're nervous the giant face with sharp teeth might eat them. And because I'm afraid she might be secretly plotting to kill them, I constantly remind her the fish are her brothers and sisters, and she should never attempt to eat them or even poke them (like she does cockroaches). I think she understands me well enough, she hasn't attempted anything. Yet.

After a while, she loses interest, swings her head to my direction and then seeing that I do not swim, nor am I orange, and I have a better memory, she places her attention back to the fish until comes the time that she tires of it. Which takes a pretty long while.

And that is the curious case of my puppy and her fish.

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