Friday, December 26, 2008

Home is where the heart is.

Last night, we went to Lola Sitang's house over at Sucat for the usual Christmas get-together. Although she passed away a couple of years ago, we still visit her house and her family from time to time. Lola Sitang is my biological maternal grandmother's best friend. Got that? Basta best friend ng mama ng mama ko na pinsan ng kapatid ng lola ng asawa ng tatay ng bilas ni Tita Rose. Clearer now? Lola Sitang and my maternal grandmother, Lola Ning were inseparable, as close as sisters. They shared a special bond that followed through to the next generation, and our families still keep in touch even though both matriarchs have gone on.

What's awesome about visits to Lola Sitang's house is the assortment of free flowing food and drinks. At any time of the year. Yep, come to their house in mid July and there'd be palabok, ice cream, beer and all kinds of chips, candies and lollies that you can imagine. Last night was no different, the kids were drinking, the food was glorious as usual, and we were in great company. One of the many dishes prepared was the good ole spaghetti carbonara; your typical spaghetti noodles, cream sauce, and bacon bits pasta dish. I'm generally not a fan of white sauce on pasta, because it's too rich and heavy but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself going back for a second serving of the homey dish. Much like the ratatouille and the visit to Lola's house, taking a bite of the pasta conjured sweet childhood memories, it felt so much like home, that I kept and will keep coming back for more.

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