Wednesday, November 26, 2008

“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” -Tom Stoppard

Books have always played an integral part in my life. From when I was little, today, and probably until I'm old and pruned, books will always, always be by my side as companions, friends, playmates. I've recently unearthed my copy of The Swiss Family Robinson and I've started rereading it, this gave me the idea and a reason to go back in time a bit and revisit my childhood buddies.

My Favorite Books, back when I still wet my bed.
(Yes, i am shamelessly admitting that I had occasional accidents back then.)

1. Twelve Dancing Princesses
      An imaginative fairy tale about twelve princesses whose slippers were always worn out each morning, even though they appear to never have left the castle. A contest was sent out by the king to try and solve the mystery of the princesses' worn out dancing slippers, promising whoever finds out, his kingdom and a daughter as winnings. I had a pretty good imagination when I was a kid, and I pictured myself as the soldier who followed the princesses on their adventure, picking out silver and golden leaves, discovering a new, hidden world of fantasy.

This exact same image was in the copy I had.

2. Heidi
     I actually don't remember the story all too well now but Heidi was the first semi-long book that I read, and it had smaller letters than the previous books that I used to read. This was my first "I can finally read long sentences in small block letters!" book. Mom was so proud, I was about to start college.

3. Journey to the Center of the Earth
      They made a movie of this earlier this year which I watched (and also secretly enjoyed). I distinctly recall my old book being square instead of the usual rectangle, and it was very thick but it had drawings on some pages which made it a lot of fun. Traveling to the earth core, that as a basic storyline is exciting.

4. Indian in the Cupboard (and sequels)
      Imagine your little plastic figures coming to life at a turn of a special key. Toy Story ripoff? Nah, this came before that. Toy Story should be called Indian in the Cupboard ripoff, in 3D. Aimeeren says they made an Indian in the Cupboard movie, but I've yet to watch it.
5. The Children's Book of Questions and Answers
      Okay, this isn't your typical novel, well, it's not a novel at all. It's a thick, hardbound book of, literally questions and answers. It's a very interesting read, and I still have my copy to this date and still browse through it once in awhile. (okay, regularly) I learned a lot of things from this book and it will remain one of my favorites until they come up with a sequel.

Reliving your childhood for a while feels warmer than a cup of hot chocolate on a snow filled day. *grins like a little kid*

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