Monday, October 13, 2008

Kopi Bun Fix

Oh, the dee-lee-shoos (and terribly addicting) Kopi Bun from Kopiroti.

White flour baked to chewy perfection, with a dollop of butter as filling, enveloped in a mildly sweet, mocha flavored crust. Served slightly warmed and with a steaming mug of Kopiroti's famous coffee or a tall glass of cold (melamine free) milk, it's the perfect treat for a gloomy and grey Monday afternoon.

I've had one Kopi Bun a day for three days straight now. Needless to say, I obsess over like the Kopi Bun. I liked it the first time I tasted it and my (semi-healthy) obsession over it has been growing as of late. Recently, I always seem to be in need of a Kopi Bun Fix. (bukas nga ulit ^_^).

When there's more time, I'll edit this to write about the food craze phases I regularly have. Just like the monthly period. Only better.

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