Thursday, July 24, 2008

I wouldn't have guessed that I'd like Amy Winehouse.

Sure, she's got issues, she probably lives on heroin alone, and most likely cat hair too (she has fourteen of them. 14!). Amy Winehouse is a character, that's for sure, a loopy one at times. But you cant deny that she's got something to show. True, I absolutely detest her Rehab song, because.. i just do. But, browsing through YouTube, I found her covers of old classics, and they are just.. brilliant. Yea, surprisingly she's got a good, old school voice and a distinct singing style.

Amy Winehouse's cover of Teach Me Tonight.

Gorgeous vocals.

And also other notable covers..
Someone to watch over me.
Moody's Mood for Love

So she might have emphysema from smoking too much, and she injects heroin on her toes, has a beehive hair. But undeniable is the talent despite all that dirt from celebrity politics.

OoT: WTF, she's my age and she already has a Madame Tussaud wax figure?!
Bruce Willis doesn't even have one! (yes, i checked.)


's find.
Elliot Yamin's amazing a capella version of Moody's Mood for Love.
Mad skillz, baby.


I've been Youtube-ing lots, as you can see.

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