Monday, June 16, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Stare at the picture for a while, and you'll see it. Your face should be about ten inches from your screen. It will take your eyes about a minute to adjust and see what's wrong. If you concentrate hard enough, you would see it. And be sure to turn up the volume on your speakers.

Do you see it? In this seemingly normal, everyday photograph of a garden, in this picture that looks like something that you'd just snap up one morning with your digital camera, is an anomaly. This hasn't happened anytime before, folks. You'll see it right here. Right now.

Stare closer, you should be able to spot it by now.

Still no?

Okay, this could take awhile, so I'm gonna spill the beans. Go back to the picture, look at it starting from the left hand side. You see a plant, yea? A potted plant, right? Yup. Move your eyes to the thing after it. Another potted plant. Yes? See it? So, from the left you see: a plant, another plant.. AND yet another plant, plant, plant, plant, plant, plant, plant, dog (?), plant, plant.... Dog?! Yes, that is a dog (not a rat), masquerading as a potted plant.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, first time in the history of all dogkind. A dog (not a mop), who has secret dreams to be a plant in a pot. Turn down the volume of your speakers now, there's nothing there, thank you. And yes, I have completely wasted your time.

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