Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sweet young love.

Where is the instamatic where you need it most? Nowhere near reach. But anyway, my mind has taken a still of the sweetest image I've seen in a long while.

Imagine a pretty street block, and down the lower left corner of this imagery is a pretty street lamp on the corner of the sidewalk. The sun has already set and the sky is a pretty shade of dim blue. Right by the unlit street lamp, is a young couple that couldn't have been older than twelve. They were holding hands, possibly talking about sweet nothings. And while I was rudely watching at them from the safety of the bus, they face each other, clasp both hands together, look into each other's eyes and slowly lean closer and kiss sweetly. It wasn't the tongue-inside-your-mouth torrid kiss, nope, it was a kiss made for the movies, the i'm-so-mesmerized-by-you kind of kiss, both of them breaking apart with adoring looks at each other. They kiss again, the second one just as sweet as the first, and break apart with the same adoring look. And then the boy reaches for the girl's hand, and they cross the street together, as if skipping.

It's a scene right out of a movie. I wanted to videotape the entire thing but I guess that would've been a violation of their lovers' rights. Or something. I would've taken a picture of it and would've blurred out the faces, but yea, the camera was in the bag, in it's protective case and by the time I it opened up, the young couple had skipped all the way down to the next, less pretty block. Oh, to be twelve and inlove. ^_^

Okay, i've searched long and hard for a picture that sort of, somehow resembles what I'm trying to describe here, but, no dice. So here's a sweet kiss picture instead.

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