Sunday, December 30, 2007

Subic '07

It's been a while since we had a family outing where we went farther than pampanga or tagaytay so it was nice to have spent part of the christmas holidays with a whole bunch of them in Subic yesterday. And I haven't been there in so long, that i hardly recognize the places.

We went to the beach, the riding stalls, the gokart track, the outlet shops (this is extremely fun for the adults), etc etc. The younger kids had loads of fun, actually this 'field trip' is mostly for them of course. :o)

my usually well-behaved aunts and uncles..
top row: Tito Rino, Tito Eric, Tito Rene
bottom row: Mama, Tita Ging, Ng Chu

us kids denied that we were in any way related to the ones in the above picture..

top row: Pam, Me, Miguel, Regina, Janine, Katrina, Chamie
bottom row: Raffy, Jamie, Luigi

The one thing that was super new to me was Extreme Adventure Park. We tried what they call Tension Traversing, which is basically you in a harness, sliding down from tree to tree, hanging on to a thing (dunno what it's called) on cables and also for dear life. This was me on the first slide down.

That was my mother taking the video. And snickering as I screamed my way down. Loveyou Ma! So now that you've lost all the respect you had for me, I will attempt to make you forget that image of me screaming my lungs out. In my next entry.

In all honesty, I had it all typed up, my Subic story circa 90's but then LJ decided to screw up and mess it up because of the embeded video, which, apparently is a new thing for this journal. So now, I have to abruptly cut this short with an advanced greeting of a joyful new year! May we all find a way to heal old wounds and dry the tears of 2007. May everyone have a lucky 2008! :D

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