Saturday, March 22, 2008

Last Day at ITXG. 03.05.08

Well, since trouble seems to be resurfacing anew over at the windy city, I am reminded that I've been wanting to write a blog entry (but have put it off for some reason) about my last day at work for the sake of posterity.


When I came in that morning, Kate was already there and I started packing my things while we caught up with two weeks worth of lifestuff after my vacation. I'm sure we chattered a little bit too loudly for Miss Chiaki, but hey, it was the last day. *makes the peace sign*


Karen, aka buenka, took us out for a lunch date.

tesome, senama, buenka =D

Sorry girls for picking this shot, wala yung sign ng Joey's. My hair looked like a rightful mess in the other shots. Weird that I'm the only one with food left on the table. Thank you Ate Karen for lunch! *grin*


Then came the closed door meeting Sir Matt. The "talk" hardly had any impact on me, and before that day I was so scared that I was going to end up being my sissy self and cry buckets after it. But yea, since I had about a week to prepare myself, the talk just came and went by without much fuss.


A posterity shot with the entire group.

Mike, Charles, meL, Miss Chiaki, Chai, Karen, Fe, Jin and Kate.

See the happily colored drapes of the office? Pepper booger gray. Never fails to brighten up our moods.


Being the model employees that we were, we, the kids/the jobless headed over to Pier1, a Last Supper of sorts.

senama, tesome, gawach, and gojinb; collectively called "Kids"

So yea, the Scrooge in me is taking a quick break and I'm now admitting that I'm missing these guys. I will remember the late lunches, the laughter, the naps, the jokes, the stories, and most specially, the lugaw moments.


On a happier note, David Archuleta from American Idol cleaned up his mess from last week. This week, he sang "The Long and Winding Road" for Beatles Night the sequel and was fantastic. Never going home! And anyway, It doesn't really matter if he messes up his song or not, i still want to adopt the adorably precocious man-boy-kid.

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