Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stupid Things That Men Do, Part 2: The Ex Files

Hi! It's been more than a year since our first  post on this series, but that doesn't necessarily mean that men have straightened themselves out. They're all still out there, doing stupid things.

Exes can be a sore topic in a relationship. It's a tricky thing, talking about exes. Men aren't the most sensitive people on earth, in fact, they can be stupid about things like this. Today, this will be more for the men, we'll talk about exes and what NOT to say about them.

No-no Number 1: Never, in any given situation, tell your girlfriend that your ex is better, in any way.

Girlfriend: What was your ex like? Be honest.
Boyfriend: She was pretty, probably the prettiest girlfriend I've had.
Girlfriend: Oh. (pause)
Boyfriend: I mean, until you came along! That's what I meant! No, really! I promise!

Why I Still Blog

Because of my other (happier) blog, I've been visiting this personal journal less and less frequently.

Until today, I didn't realize that it's been over a month since I last put my thoughts into writing. Perhaps it's partly the reason why I've been feeling antsy lately and have had a few weird ideas (I wanted to try pottery making, for Pete's sake).
I suddenly don't want to learn pottery. (photo from here)
Introspection isn't necessarily a bad thing but doing too much of it without a form of release is a vicious self-punishment. You think too much about things, you think about it later, you think about it again tomorrow, and before you know it, it's eaten you up and you're starting to pull your hair out one by one.

And this is why I still keep this blog (I still like my hair).  Here, I can spew out the contents of my brain and pick at it from the outside looking in, instead of wallowing in my own thoughts by myself. This exercise keeps me grounded and (almost) sane. Which leads me to the topic that pressed me to want to spill out my guts once again.
I'm like a goldfish. I got distracted after writing that block of text (in between work) and my earlier string of thoughts is good as gone. So instead of continuing that subject in this post, I'll end this emo post right here and have a whole new post for that other subject.
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