Monday, August 23, 2010

On Quirino Grandstand Hostage - We're Friendly, I Promise.

In light of recent events, I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to the families of the casualties of the Quirino Grandstand Hostage that happened today. It is a tragedy of such huge proportions.  

  • I bow my head in shame for the local police, for not having enough training to know what to do in situations like this. There should have been no civilian bloodshed. The state of the Philippine police is saddening, I hope to live to see the day when we would all feel safe having them around to protect us.
  • I apologize for the recklessness of the media. In an attempt to get the best coverage, they pushed their way in to get as close as they could, forgetting all modicum of responsibility. The police had to request them to stand back, lower their lights and not reveal every move to the audience that included the hostage-taker who was watching inside the bus. 
  • I am sorry for the lack of discipline of civilians. Instead of respecting the barricade around the area, a flock of people hurried to the scene and mobbed the bus once they got wind that the hostage-taker was taken down, to see the hostages being carried out of the bus.
No amount of apologies or would lessen the plight of the families of the hostages. Their lives were already compromised and their families orphaned. It was a tragedy, a horrible one at that. What it isn't, is an attack against Hongkong and neither it is a common occurence in this country. I hope with all my heart that it doesn't sever friendly relations between the Philippines and Hongkong or any other country.
 The news reported that the tourists' flight back to Hongkong should have been at 7pm today. All of them didn't make the flight back; some would fly back to their loved ones tonight or tomorrow, but some wouldn't get to. This candle is an offering to those who didn't get the chance to see home. May they find their peace.


alvin, kid repetitive said...

Co-signed. Sad day :(

Anonymous said...

yup. sana matuto na din tayong lahat. :( Condolences to the families who lost their loved one and who became victim of the hostage taking.