Monday, January 11, 2010

Have you met Igor?

Once, I had a dream. I dreamed of having a big-ass camera.

And I mean that literally, I actually dreamed of lugging a dSLR from one dream sequence to the next. The dream had me taking pictures of anything and everything around me, with the storyline focusing on the camera and how to use and utilize its features according to the different scenes.

I like saying that I took this dream as a sign of sorts to get a dSLR (anything to justify unnecessary spending).

And so the week after the dream, I did some Googling and consulted friends in the know. The conclusion? Except for one, everyone else voted to get a Nikon entry-level dSLR. My choices were D40, D40x, and the D3000, all entry-level Nikon cameras, all with stellar ratings. The next issue was the budget, how much should I shell out for a new hobby that I may or may not like, once tried? The solution to which was to get a slightly used one from TipidPC.

Cutting the story short, I got one last weekend.

Meet Igor, my new-old Nikon D40x. Bought from a lovely lady from TipidPC who got it as a gift from her daddy last September and was going to upgrade to the mid-level Nikon D90 (she got her new camera the same day she sold the D40x to me).

Here be baby Igor*
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Ain't that sweet?

In all honesty, I was partial to the D40x from the beginning. It's an upgraded version of the D40, it's cheaper than the D3000 and my favorite gadget reviews site gave it a 10 out of 10 rating. Perfect for a dSLR noob like me. ^_~

*name from the animated movie of the same title, christened by Bim. See the resemblance?
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