Friday, December 4, 2009

Back in The Day

Strange. It feels like I've forgotten to write from the heart. These days, I write with an audience in mind. I write thinking what their reaction would be, thinking about what they'd think about me and about what I wrote.

Because of this, I tend to avoid topics from the deep recesses of my being. Now, I steer clear of issues too emotional, ideas too controversial, and matters too personal. Why? For fear of rejection, for fear of confrontation, for fear of the truth.

It was only a few years ago when blogging only meant putting into words the things you find difficult to voice out in real life without trying to be funny, without trying to increase site traffic, without trying to gain any profit. Blogging was merely a pastime, not a profession. The internet community was much simpler then, with less walls, less barriers.

Back then, everyone wrote from the heart. People blogged about what they really thought, what they felt. Most everyone blogged about the things that mattered most to them, instead of what they think would matter to their readers.

I want those days back.


--tintotz said...


kaya medyo wala akong maipost recently.

for the past 3 months.

miss na ko ni blog.

abumelt said...

Onga, magblog ka na ulit Tin. *likes your userpic*