Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Channeling Mr. Scrooge (A Christmas Wish List)

It's just a few days away until the 25th but I'm still not feeling the holiday cheer. At home, the tree and lights are already up, the city malls are bustling with holiday festivities, and reunions are being scheduled here and there. This particular holiday has been fantastically hyped up, like always, but it all feels flat somehow. There's none of that it's-the-most-wonderful-time-of-the-year vibe that I usually pair up with this time of the year.

Oh pshaw, don't listen to the Scrooge, I'm one year older but still none the wiser. Hey, it might not feel like Christmas yet, but so what? There will still be gifts come Christmas day.

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This post is dedicated to the fantastic, fabulous, gorgeous, generous AND overall awesome people who actually are thinking of getting me gifts this year. You are wonderful. And awesome. Oh, I already said that.

This Christmas would be jollier if I had these.

1. An external keyboard for my Nokia 5800
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Touch screens are fine and dandy, but after a while, it gets tedious to type in sentences. I want to be able to use my SmartPhone for more than just calling and listening to music. With a keyboard, I can take down notes, write email, and Plurk at work surf the web efficiently.

2. A mini watering can/spritzer.
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My recently acquired office plant, known as Bonggang Bonggang Bongbong (don't ask why), Bong for short, has been unhealthy as of late. I've had me my first dead stem this week. *sniff* Quite honestly, I have no idea how to take care of a plant (or any other living creature for that matter) and I've been using my tumbler to water it. It would be nice to have a mini-watering can/plant spritzer for it. So it doesn't die.

3. The entire Archie Americana Series
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I would be eternally grateful to anyone who finds me this set. I've only managed to salvage Best of the Forties, the others have unfortunately perished along with other childhood books when the roof leaked. The bookstores don't seem to carry this line anymore and that's just sad.

4. USB Powered Heated Gloves (Yes, they exist)
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Anyone who's worked with me, or has been with me in an air-conditioned room for extended periods of time, would know that my hands get insanely cold. My body can be perfectly warm but my hands would be stiff and deathly cold. These USB powered heated gloves would really, really be nifty to have around.

5. Fingerless Gloves
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Normal gloves make it very difficult to type, and they won't pay me around here unless I type. If USB powered heated gloves seem too frivolous, these fingerless cuties would be the next best thing.

6. A Wii nunchuck
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Wii Sports Boxing is a hoot. I've been playing against a bot because I have two Wiimotes but only one Wii nunchuck. Second hand ones would work just as well, and those are fairly priced over at TipidPC. And then we get ready to rumble.

7. Boy Bawang
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Vats of it. Adobo flavored Boy Bawang is my current favorite but I also like the garlic flavored ones. My new officemates munch on Boy Bawang (to them Boyboy) on a daily basis and the cornick love has infected me badly.

and lastly,

8. Candy Canes
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I. LOVE. THESE. I once bought a can of mini mint candy canes and decorated my cube with them. And as soon as cubicle judging was done, I ate each and every one of those minty hardened sugar. And had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

And that's that. The things I want this Christmas. Aside from world peace, of course.

I'm infinitely cheerier about the holidays now.

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