Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mii and my Wii

Every time I get a new toy, I tend to obsess about it until all possible research channels (and resources) have been exhausted. Such is the case with the 2nd hand Wii I recently acquired, a steal at the price I got it for (TipidPC, thank you). Originally bought in February of this year, it is an unmodified US unit, barely used, and it came packaged with an extra Wiimote, the Wii Fit board, four original game discs, all the original packaging and a bunch of other accessories. In other words, I'm very happy with the deal.

The Miis

The first thing you do is to create a profile, to specify where to log all your activities, called the Mii. It serves as your Wii self, basically you in 3D likeness. And while making them can take a while, the end result is usually a hoot. Here are a some of the Miis I made, you tell me if they give justice to their real-life counterparts.

The MEL Mii -hair's a little off, but otherwise a good resemblance.

The PAPA Mii -not bad, could be better, but it's close enough.

The MAMA Mii -SPOT ON! It looks so much like her, it's scary.

The BIM Mii -I'd say this is pretty darn close.

The JANINE Mii -I didn't make this one, her sister Jamie did, but it's too cute to not share.

The Games

Of course, what would a gaming console be for if not for the games? Although mine came with a few games when I got it, I've collected four additional games for it within a week, namely:
  • Super Mario Galaxy -a gift from the awesome Bim
  • Resident Evil -because of glowing reviews from everywhere in the interwebs and IRL
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl -ranked 4th in the Wii All-time Best game rankings, and
  • Wii Play -bought at a great bargain, a better Wii Sports with decent ranking
Anyway, after getting all those games in a span of four days, I am done. No more new ones until next year. Absolutely no more! I promise. That is.. after I get Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party disc and a dance pad. But those will be the absolute final purchases for the Wii for this year. Promise. No, really.

So far, of all my games, the Wii Fit has been the most fun. It extends the Wii to something more than just a hand game by making you get up on your feet and move. It's also a good way to keep a less sedentary lifestyle, and it provides the entire family with a lot of laughs too (chunky dad attempting to do a yoga pose is a precious sight to see).

This is my tita, Tita Ging and her mini-me, Jamie,
enjoying the Wii with the rest of the family just this weekend.

In too many words, what I was just saying is that the Wii is a boatload of fun!


Bim said...

Di ko talaga kamukha e. Ang layo talaga e. Di naman kamukha ni Romnick Sarmienta yan e.

Lei said...

Parang naeenganyo tuloy ako bumili ng Wii :)

abumelt said...

@Bim: Hanap ka muna ng kahit sinong magsabing kamukha mo si Romnick Sarmienta bago ko palitan yung Mii. :P

@Lei: 2nd hand nalang bilin mo! Or yung Korean na modified na, mas mura. :)