Monday, June 15, 2009

GLAM-ming up a bit too late.

It's a been about a month since AI8 wrapped up, but I just finished downloading a fantastic album compilation of the entire season; complete with live performances, studio recordings, group medleys, guest performances, and the finale show. All tracks are grouped into folders, categorized per week, the filenames are neat, the details filled in correctly and completely. It's so organized, it excited my inner OC self.

Anyway, I've been listening to the album for the past couple of days and based on the weekly live performances, I can definitely say that this season's contestants suck. Yea, they do. Okay, not all of the songs are bad, but most of them aren't worth a second listen. This bunch seems to have the least talent compared to all the past seasons' contestants.

There is, however, a handful from this pool that are just awesome. And one such contestant is the fabulous, fabulous Adam Lambert, also known to readers as Glambert.

Runner up to boy-next-door Kris Allen, this season's openly gay glamrocker initially caught my attention with his version of the winner's current single, No Boundaries.

For those of you who chose to watch the news instead of American Idol and haven't heard the performances, here are the links to both live versions.

Adam's version:

and Kris' version:

You have two different artists singing the same song on national TV one after the other, there's bound to be comparison. Even though you know you shouldn't, you still do it. You can't help but compare them, just like parents can't help but have a favorite kid, even though they reassure the others and say they love them all equally.

Comparing Adam's version to Kris', I'd have to say that Adam rocked it harder. The song just suited him better, his style a good fit for the song. Not taking anything away from this year's champion, Kris' version isn't bad at all, in fact it's quite pleasant to the ears. It's just not very wow-worthy because Kris' voice has a certain niche, and this song definitely isn't part of it.

I know it's too late to throw a bitchfit, but if it were a month or so earlier,

I'd be rooting for the Glambert..

..and would probaby be holding up one of these.

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