Monday, March 16, 2009

Clouds and cheese

My clock currently reads 2:42am. I had a full day, work starts early tomorrow, deadlines are right around the corner, but I can't, for the life of me, fall asleep. There's even none of that light-headed feeling that usually come at this time of the day. For someone who should have slept 3 hours ago, I'm still pretty lucid. Someone told me that this hour is the best time to try and practice opening the third eye, awakening the sixth sense. But yea, I don't want to do that, and because I'm a sissy, I want to stay as far away from that idea as possible so I look for other things to busy myself with. While looking for an old email, I chanced upon an outline of a chick-lit story that I thought of a couple of years back. I wanted to word it tonight, but it seems that my brain is too muddled for that. It feels cloudy enough, now I can show more of my cheesy side.

So in the meantime, I'm posting the first scene as it is, cluttered thoughts. This is romance, my way.

Character Introductions:

PAUL    - charming, easygoing, magnetic. mid-20s.
             - works part time at his uncle's shop. a freelance artist.
             - sparkling chocolate eyes. 

AMY     - familiar, sweet but strong. has kind but smart eyes. fair, tall, lean,
            simple and regal. mid-20s.
            - junior associate to a famous lawyer in town. is a young lawyer
              trying to make her way to the business.

RITA    - shopkeeper in the massage shop with retail beauty products.
            mid-40s lady.
            - adores Paul as her sort-of son but makes it appear she doesn't.



      SHOP. Morning. Around 9am. Paul visits the shop.

      Three times a week, Paul checks on the shop to see how it's doing.
      Paul checks the files and makes sure that everything is in proper order.

      Shop door bell chimes, signalling someone coming in.
      Rita looks up sees it's Paul. Sighs, appears bored, continues to wipe
      the counter.

      PAUL : (starts gaily) Goodmorning Rita. It's a beautiful day, ain't it?
      RITA : (moodily) Urngh.
      PAUL : Ritaaaa, you know, smiling isn't a sin. It wouldn't kill you to
      smile once in a while. You'll look even prettier than you already are
      if you smile.

      Paul starts leafing through the shop files.
      Rita rolls her eyes but is really flattered at being called pretty.

      Shop door bell chimes again, in comes Amy.
      Paul smiles at Amy. Paul is attracted to Amy and has been looking
      for a good opportunity to ask her out.

      AMY  : Goodmorning.
      PAUL : Hi Amy. What brings you here? (surprised but glad)
      AMY  : Boss needs some more of your eye cream. She says it works
                  wonders on her eyes, even better than the designer brands.
                  (eyes twinkle with mirth)
      PAUL : But of course. (laughs) Your boss needs more than eye cream
                  though. Does she ever sleep at all?

      Paul recalls the bags under Amy's boss's sharp face

      AMY  : Four hours a night at most. (shrugs)
      PAUL : Damn. (Hands Amy a box of eye cream) Here you go, ma'am.
      AMY  : (raises one eybrow, reaching for the box) Thanks.
      PAUL : (touches Amy's hand) You look beautiful, Amy.
      AMY  : (smiles, retrieves the box) Kidder.
      PAUL : (seriously, shakes head slightly) I'm not kidding.
      AMY  : Um hey, I have to go.
      PAUL : Oh. Ok. See ya.

      Amy leaves the shop.


      RITA : Still haven't had the courage to ask her out?
      PAUL : (sadly) Nope. Can't find the right moment. You heard her, I was
                  gonna ask her for dinner tonight. But she has to go to work.
      RITA : Moment, schmoment.
      PAUL : (theatrically) You gotta wait for that perfect moment
                  when her eyes meet yours and you just know she's
                  gonna say yes. (wistful) Isn't she beautiful?
      RITA : All girls are beautiful to you, boy.
      PAUL : (solemnly) Not all, Rita, not all. Just you and Amy.
      RITA : Yea, yea.

      Rita turns her back to Paul and smiles.

      -End of scene-


Okay now I'm sleepy and feel light-headed. Not sure how many grammatical or typographical errors I've made, but they're there somewhere, no nitpicking as of the moment. Bedtime now. :)

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