Friday, January 6, 2006

2006: Live it Up

I’ve been racking up my brain for interesting ways to entitle a resolution list but can’t come up with a decent one. So I went for simple. These are my Rules to Live By For 2006.

1. Be energetic. You live only once, live it to the fullest. Go bungee jumping, go sky diving, go rapelling, or something to that effect. Take risks, and relish each moment.

2. Be cheerful. Lighten up, nothing good can come from being cranky or cynical. Smile at adversities, laugh away your troubles, chuckle away all animosity. Always remember, other people have worse problems than you do.

3. Open up. Share yourself to others. Life can be so much simpler and more fun if you share bits of yourself. Tell your stories, listen to other people’s stories, and connect with others.

4. Learn. Learn from past mistakes. Everyone is bound to make mistakes in his lifetime, it’s normal. But don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

5. Forget. New Year = Clean Slate. Start anew, forget bad memories, keep the good ones, and cherish the great ones.

I love this line; read it somewhere I just can’t remember where. Life is about the journey, not the destination. Too true. So, along with my 2006 Rules to Live By, my motto for this year is to: Live it Up.

Here’s to an awesome 2006! Cheers.

* sidenote1: I’ve been meaning to blog about my holidays, but can’t seem find the right mood, so I’ll just be posting some pix of those I were with at the near-end of 2005.

-at Victoria Peak, sooo cold

-at Tomorrowland, getting ready to ride the Space Mountain

* sidenote2: I love the Megamelt ensaymadas and leche flan, yummy. Too fattening, and yet I indulge myself once in a while (like now).

* sidenote3: Thank heavens for JackTV, we finally have David Letterman! Scrap Conan O’ Brien and Jay Leno, I’ve had too much of them this year

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