Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monsters in the Closet

If for example, you are inside your bedroom, relaxing and reading a book before bedtime and an alien, slimy and huge, smashes its way through your door. You notice that it's badly wounded, and it seems to be on a rampage, with purpose to kill and destroy everything along its path, and you're next up. In front of you, he stops, lowers his eyes, and growls reverberatingly with its hand ready to strike, what would you do?

Option 1: Assume a fighting stance, snarl, lock eyes and meet it head on?

Option 2: Bait it, say you can help it?

Option 3: Run for your life, screaming and flailing in the other direction?

What would you do? Which option would you pick?

We are all afraid of something. The dark, a rabid dog, rejection, needles, attention, enclosed spaces, death, childbirth, among many others. We each have our own personal scares to deal with. But what do we do when we're faced with them?

As with everything, we have the power to choose our own ending to the story. If we choose the first option, we face the alien monster head on. We face it, knowing full well that the chance of winning a fight with a more powerful extraterrestrial is slim to nil. If we choose the second, we talk our way through the compromising situation. If the wounded alien believes us, and then we can't, what then? And with the third option, we flee in an attempt to escape it. And hope against all hope that it never comes back. But these scaries, they do, eventually they do.

What really, is the best way to go about that monster in your closet?

*Stairs. I am not-so-secretly afraid of stairs.

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Bim said...

I shall train you to defeat these scary stairs!