Wednesday, July 8, 2009

07/08/09 - Teddy Day

07/08/09 - Teddy Day
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I drew this teddy by hand about a year ago, but I haven’t saved it online until today. Why upload it today then, you ask? Well today you see, is a pretty darn special day as it marks the birth day of the VIP I drew this bear for.

This VIP is none other than my boytoy, home skillet, stud muffin, lover and hugger extraordinaire who goes by the alias, TheBim.

Drawn in his likeness, the bear dons a black muscle shirt (the kind that he insists on likes wearing), has cute chinky eyes (just like his sexy adorable ones) and is soft, cushy, and cuddly strong, strapping, and manly, just like TheBim!

Happy Teddy Day!

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