Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chronicling the goodness of chicken.

For no good or interesting reason, I have decided to chronicle my unwavering fascination for chicken and its meat (favoring the deep fried variety). Picture this: a slab of steaming white meat lathered in a nice thick coat of flour and seasoning, deep fried to delicous golden crispy goodness.

Who can resist that?

.. a lot of you, apparently. But come on now, we all love chicken, don't we? Okay, quick poll, who here doesn't like chicken?

What? No hands raised? I thought so. We ALL love chicken.

Based on our conclusive poll results, from this point forward, you shall find reviews of chicken dishes, recipes and random whathaveyous in this blog.

Why chicken? Well, good golly gumdrop, why not? Chicken is everyone's staple meat. What about other meat sources, you say? Like beef and pork? Meh is what I say. Both meats can be tough as rubber if not cooked properly. Fish then, maybe? Meh again. Fish can taste a bit too much like the sea for some people's palates (mine included). Same goes for all seafood. But chicken? Ahhhhh, chicken. Cook it whichever way you want to, and it will still be glorious in every bite.

First up is the very affordable but nonetheless scrumptious and artery-clogging Mcdonald's Crispy Chicken Fillet.

Priced at a dirt cheap 50 pesos, the deep fried filleted chicken comes with a serving of rice and a regular drink, making it a good meal option for kids on a budget who don't have the time or the patience to cook themselves a packed lunch.

..assuming that said office kids don't have such huge appetites.

...and that they can handle spicy food.

It is a bit spicy, that makes its target audience significantly smaller. (a little spice is good for the soul ^_~) And speaking of small, the meat isn't exactly big enough to be filling. So if you're feeling ravenous, this isn't the meal for you. But if you're slightly hungry and you want a full meal, this meal is a pretty swell deal.

Taste: 4
It's crunchy, spicy and tasty all at the same time.
Serving: 2
Too small, won't satisfy a heavy eater.
Price: 5
50 pesos. Nuff said.
Healthiness: 1
Deep fried and swimming in oil.
 3 of 5 chicksies


Final verdict, Mcdonald's Crispy Chicken Fillet is perfect for office drones with a tight budget who like their chicken with a bit of a zing.

*photo taken using a Nokia 5800 Xpressphone
**credit goes to riffology


Noel Eduardo said...

But but but why is your rating so low? Isn't this your favorite chikon from McDonalds?

alvin, kid repetitive said...

where'd the first chicken pic come from?? Ang sarap tingnan haha

abumelt said...

This is my favorite chicken from McDonalds. But it's small. My favorite chicken though would be from KFC. And that's another story altogether. :D

abumelt said...

First chicken pic, i snagged from the internet. Ang sarap no? Chicken e. ^^