Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wolverine's Behind.

In my previous post, I rambled on about getting a new camera. As soon as the sale was made, I opened the package and started taking shots. And because I was with the camwhore camera-friendly Bim, I had the perfect subject on ready.

He gamely posed next to a Wolverine standee at Toy Kingdom, Megamall, and I was happy to click, click, click away.

Here is our short story of how he got the better of one of the more popular X-men superheroes, Wolverine.

Let me start by saying that our subject has the hots for Wolverine. And here he is checking out Wolvie's ass.

Wolvie doesn't look too happy. But [info]riffology is persistent and tries to steal a kiss from the angry Wolverine.

Logan starts seeing red. He doesn't want the Mr. Shoo Li-looking dude anywhere near him.

In an instant, is down on the ground. Knocked out without so much as a sweatdrop on him.

And that ends our little story of how [info]riffology got the better of Wolverine. How? He got to touch Wolvie's backside, did he not?

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